Wee Deliver Post Office

Albion Elementary Wee Deliver Post Office

The Albion Elementary School Post Office was opened Nov. 13, 2000. Children have the opportunity to write letters to any student or staff member at our school. Parents and friends are also able to write to children at school. There is a Wee Deliver mailbox in the main hall area where all mail is collected for processing and delivery.   Students in grades 4-6 have an opportunity to apply for positions such as Postmaster, Facer, Nixie Clerk, Carrier, and Sorter. These students fill out an application, take a postal exam and take part in an interview in order to be considered for the jobs. In addition to these jobs, each classroom has a classroom carrier to deliver the mail inside the classroom. Each room in the school has a street sign designed by the occupants of that address. 

Goals of the Wee Deliver Program

1. To provide children with real life experiences in which to apply basic skills such as: writing a letter, addressing an envelope, and using the mail system.
2. To unify the student body through a student centered school wide communication system.
3. To provide knowledge of how mail is processed.
4. To develop a sense of job responsibility as a post office employee.
5. To help develop job interviewing skills.
6. To form a link between the community and the school. 

There is a directory of all students and addresses in the school. This directory is located in the office, the library, at our post office, or in any of the classrooms. 

To write to your child: 

  • On line one: First and Last Name
  • On line two: Number and Street Address
  • On line three: Albion, ME 04910

*All letters, notes, and cards sent through our school post office must have a complete address, return address, and a stamp. Our Nixie Clerk will mark all others "Return to Sender".

Stamps are available for free at our post office, or you may use any extra stamps, Easter seals, Christmas seals, stickers, or other stamp like items you may have at home.

Your letters, notes, and cards may be in an envelope, but in an effort to save paper, we do not require that the mail be in an envelope. You may fold your letter and use the blank outside part to address it. 


Kindergarten: Mrs. Leclair

Grade 1: Mrs. Smith

Grade 2: Mrs. Markowski

Grade 3: Mrs. Hatch

Grade 4: Mrs. Wastella

Grade 5: Mrs. Conohan

Grade 6: Mrs. Tuttle



1. Responsible for everyone who works in the Post Office.
2. Picks up mail from central mail drop.
3. Helps train new employees.
4. Fills in for absent employees. 

1. Places all envelopes the same way. 

1. Cancels all stamps. 

Nixie Clerks
1. Checks addresses for proper form and punctuation.
2. Stamps letters? Return to Sender if not correct. 

1. Sorts all mail by streets.
2. Places mail in sorting boxes.
3. Rubber bands all letters to a specific street and places them in mailbag. 

Letter Carrier
1. Delivers the mail to the designated streets

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Wee Deliver Post Office

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