Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Jennipher Smith


Mrs. Smith


 My name is Jennipher Smith.  I have been teaching first grade here at Albion Elementary School for 23 years.  I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education (with a concentration in Language Arts/Literature) from the University of Maine at Farmington and also earned an Early Literacy Learning Initiative (ELLI) certificate thru Ohio State University.   
Students learn and grow so much during their first grade year which makes it an exciting and special grade to teach. 

I do my best to keep students and parents informed about both classroom and school events.    At our school we try to send most of our notices and information home on Tuesdays ("Tuesday Folders") in an effort to make things easier on families.  You will receive lots of information the first few days/weeks (or upon registration).
  If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please let me know.  I can be reached by notes, phone (437-2616 ext. 4103) or e-mail at   

Students and parents often wonder about school and classroom supplies. I provide the basic supplies that students need in class.  Students do not need to purchase school supplies for my class.  However, it is helpful to have basic supplies at home to help complete homework and projects with.  
*If students choose to bring in their own supplies....please make sure the supplies fit into a small container for storage and will fit into their "seat sack" and backpacks. 

At SCHOOL it would be helpful if each student has:
*Each student will be given a daily/weekly folder to use for notices, notes and homework - students DO NOT need to buy folders. 
*A backpack or bag (to carry supplies, their folder and homework to and from school in)
*A Lunchbox or Bag (for snacks or cold lunch)

At HOME it would be helpful if each student has: 

*Crayons (Basic 8 colors)
*Glue Stick(s)
*Notebook or writing/drawing paper
*Designated area/place to complete homework
*15-20 minutes and a quiet space to read each day/night


Breakfast:  Our school serves breakfast for FREE to ALL students who wish to have it.  Students may have breakfast each day or any day that they want it.  Breakfast is served in the classroom during morning arrival.  
Lunch:  Information about the school lunch program and pricing will be sent home in the first few days (or upon registration).  You can also contact the kitchen manager for more information.  Lunch money should be brought to school labeled with the child's name, teacher and grade.  The labeled money may be turned in to the classroom teacher or directly to the kitchen staff.
Snack Break: We have a snack break each day.  Students may bring in a light snack and drink.  Students may also keep a drink at their seat/table during the day (unless or until it is a problem).  I do ask that the drinks have covers and NO GLASS please.