Mrs. Conohan

Welcome to Albion Fifth Grade

Our fifth grade classroom theme this year is Lights, Camera, Action! The movies and Hollywood will be combined to create an engaging classroom environment for the students. Each week we have a Celebrity of the Week to spotlight, and during their special week they will share a little bit about themselves. At the end of the week a Hollywood Star will be made for the student to display on our "Walk of Fame."  We have some special extras in our room that are connected to the movies and Hollywood, and our Lights, Camera, Action! theme will support meaningful learning in fifth grade.

In our classroom we will learn together, celebrate each others' successes, and support one another when needed. We will end our year by "Walking the Red Carpet" and remember our special moments before transitioning to sixth grade.

What Will Fifth Graders Learn?


Our district follows the Pearson Envisions Math Program.  This program is segmented into 16 Topics.  Each topic has between 6-10 daily lessons.  Each lesson has a "Quick Check" that checks for understanding.  At the close of each topic a "Topic Test" is taken to assess that topic.  After Topics 4, 8, 12 and 16 a "Benchmark Test" is administered to check for retention of the concepts and skills.  We assess the students at the beginning of the year and end of the year, to check for growth.

The fifth grade topics are:

Topic 1- Place Value

Topic 2- Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Topic 3- Multiplying Whole Numbers

Topic 4- Dividing by One Digit Divisors

Topic 5- Dividing by Two Digit Divisors

Topic 6- Multiplying Decimals

Topic 7- Dividing Decimals

Topic 8- Numerical Expressions, Patterns, and Relationships

Topic 9- Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Topic 10- Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Topic 11- Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Topic 12- Volume of Solids

Topic 13- Units of Measure

Topic 14- Data

Topic 15- Classifying Plane Figures Topic 16- Coordinate Geometry


Our fifth grade literacy curriculum consists of reader's workshop, writing workshop, vocabulary/spelling, and Grammar Workshop.

 Reading Components: * Shared Reading * Literature Study *Guided Reading * Independent Reading * Word Study/Spelling Emphasis in Reading will be placed on these areas: * Comprehension * Critical Thinking * Exposed to varied genres * Reading Strategies * Fluency * Inferring * Summarizing * Making Connections * Point of View * Figurative Language * Theme * Author's Purpose * Text Features * Draw Conclusions * Main Idea English Components:

 Writing Workshop * Our district is using Writing Units of Study developed by Lucy Calkins. This is a writing curriculum aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Students will learn the writing of three genres: Narrative, Informational, Opinion/Argument.


MSAD 49 implemented the new Next Generation Science Standards for our Science Curriculum.

Our fifth grade units of focus are: Energy, Matter, Earth's Systems, Human Activity and Human Impact, Space Systems, and Engineering.

Hands on activities are a huge part of the curriculum, including integration of use of technology. Students are engaged through video clips, online activities, experiments, field trips, workshops, and inquiry projects. Experiences we share outside of the classroom to enrich our learning: * A trip to Boothbay Harbor and Maine State Aquarium to learn about Earth's Systems and how they all work together. * A visit from the Planetarium to learn about Space Systems and Earth's place within those systems.
* A visit from Mad Science to learn about the process of Engineering.
Social Studies The fifth grade units of focus for social studies are: Migration onto North American Continent, Natives of North and Central America, Exploration of the North and South American Continents, Colonization of North America, and The Road to Independence (Colonial Revolutionary War). Experiences we share outside of the classroom to enrich our learning: * A trip to the Maine State Museum to learn about the early Natives in our state. * A trip to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath to learn about Maine economy during early colonization to the present in the boat making industry. * A trip to Old Fort Western in Augusta to learn about early colonial life in a living history museum.