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Mrs. Tuttle

Mrs. Tuttle


I want to extend to you and your child my warmest welcome into my sixth grade classroom! My name is Mrs. Tuttle and I will be your child’s teacher this year. This will be my ninth year working at Albion Elementary, and my tenth year of teaching.   

I have lived in Maine my entire life.  I grew up on the coast, graduating from Camden Hills Regional High School.  I then moved to Bangor where I attended Husson College to study elementary education and join the Womens basketball team.  Following college, I moved to Albion where I now reside with my husband Tracy, our two year old son Sam, our 6 month old son Jake and our dog Hank.  

I began my career at Mount View Junior High School teaching 7th and 8th Language Arts in the Resource Room. I became the Lawrence Girls JV basketball coach and I also taught at Woodfords Preschool, where I worked with students with autism.  When the 6th grade teaching position opened up at Albion Elementary School in 2009, I was more than excited to accept the job.  

I very much enjoy working at this small school, where there is a vast opportunity to help engage and connect with the children, to make learning meaningful and fun.  This is your child’s last year at this school, and I strive to make this their best year yet.  We will spend a great majority of the year fund raising for their class trip in June, to Boston, Massachusetts where we will spend the day exploring the city.  I will send home plenty of notices regarding the trip so you have plenty of time to plan.     

What will students do?

Language Arts and Writing:  In addition to improving our English skills, we will be exploring several writing forms:  narrative, informational/expository, and argument/opinion.  We use the Lucy Calkins- Units of Study Writing Program to teach writing.  We will talk about parts of speech, well-constructed sentences, punctuation, proper grammar, and techniques to make our writing interesting.  We will hold celebrations throughout the school year to give students a chance to share their writing.  

Reading:  We will approach reading in several ways.  We will read together as a whole class (shared reading), in small groups (literature study), and independently.  You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and questions with your classmates and me about what you’re reading.  You will also respond to reading by writing.

Math:  This year students will continue to use the Envisions program just as they did in fifth grade.  We will be exploring many new math topics…some of them will be familiar, and some will be new.  In sixth grade we continue the skills you were practicing in fifth grade.  Here are some of the topics we will discuss this year:   multiplication, division, rounding, fractions, decimals, percents, measurement, geometry, statistics, probability, algebra, and problem solving.

Social Studies:  In social studies we will be continuing where we left off in fifth grade.  We will begin with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and move on through the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, Westward Movement, and the Civil War.

Science:  We will be experimenting with many science topics this year, including the human body, microorganisms, and microscopes.  You will also design and build your own toothpick bridge which we then test for strength.

Field Trips

Norlands, Livermore

Lunch is provided.  Please bring snacks.                        

Students will gain an understanding of how families lived in early 1900’s.  

Maine State Museum/ State House, Augusta

**Lunch From Home or Bag Lunch Today**

The students will have the opportunity to see exhibits at the museum and explore the State Capitol Building.  

Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland

**Lunch From Home or Bag Lunch Today**

Students will take on roles of scientists and fishermen to discover connections of animals and humans to our ecosystem.  Students will examine food webs, behavior patterns and human activities.     

Bridges Trip, local area (Clinton, Madison, Skowhegan, New Portland)    

** Lunch From Home or Bag Lunch Today **

Students will travel by bus to surrounding towns to sketch different types of bridges.  We will be able to eat our lunch’s “picnic style” in North New Portland, while observing the Wire Bridge!  

 Boston Trip, Boston, MA

We will be traveling to Boston, MA to visit the Museum of Science, tour the city on a ‘Duck boat,’ and visit Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market.   

What will students learn?


Our district curriculum supports the National Common Core State Standards.  My goal is for students to learn to read, write, speak, listen, and use language effectively in a variety of contexts and to meet the particular challenges of reading, writing, speaking and listening across content areas and throughout our lives.


When I talk to my students about language arts, we are talking about reading, writing, spelling, and penmanship.  This year our students will be centering on three phases: Literacy Workshop, Writing Workshop and Word Study.  


We have purchased a new Math program this year, EnVisions 2.0. This program is a continuation of last year's program, but the bar is a bit higher. There are only eight topics this year, but we spend twice as long on each section per every topic.  These topics are covered under these five areas: Ratios and Proportional Relationships, The Number System, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.


The sixth grade science curriculum requires students to understand and utilize the scientific process.  Students will focus on cells/microscope use, human body and all systems, and engineering and designing a bridge made of toothpicks..When performing scientific experiments, students will predict, make observations, collect, record and analyze data, and draw conclusions.  The students will also recognize that variables will affect an outcome.  

Social Studies

The sixth grade social studies curriculum centers on the development of the United States from Articles of Confederation through the Civil War Reconstruction.

Family Communication

Every Tuesday, Albion Elementary Students bring home a folder with corrected work and notices from the school, PTA and from myself.  I will typically write a letter home once per month, or more frequently if necessary, such as with fundraisers and important events.