Mrs. Crothers

Carol Crothers

Mrs. Crothers

My name is Carol Crothers, currently the Literacy Coordinator/Coach at Albion and Fairfield Primary Schools. This position provides the opportunity to work with both students and colleagues to provide strong literacy teaching and learning in Grades K-6.

Part of my time in these two schools is spent working as a Literacy Interventionist, which means I work directly with students who need an extra layer of literacy support beyond their classroom. This often includes learning the alphabet, letter sounds, reading high frequency words and phrases to build automatic recognition, learning strategies for solving words in reading, and improving comprehension. These lessons are individually tailored to meet the needs of each student based on current assessment data and progress monitoring.

Another aspect of my day involves providing individualized direct support of literacy practices to teachers in grades kindergarten through sixth at both schools. Each of these teachers, including those who work in special education, have taken an initial graduate-level course provided by myself or another Literacy Coordinator in the district. This course teaches the theory and practical foundation needed to implement differentiated instruction in the classroom through a workshop model. After the initial course, I provide 16-20 hours of continued professional development each year to keep our literacy practices up-to-date with the latest research and methodologies. Teachers invite me into their classrooms to help deepen and refine their understanding of these methods.

As seems to be true of many vocations these days, my position as Literacy Coordinator includes many other hats! One important hat I wear is the collecting, analyzing, and reporting the results of literacy assessment data across the school year. This directly impacts my position as facilitator at our school-based Literacy Intervention Teams. The data are closely analyzed to make sure students are not falling through the cracks in their literacy achievement, and to help identify layers of support that will best serve each student’s needs. Another hat includes maintaining and up-dating a Guided Reading Library at each school. These are shared libraries that allow teachers to have access to multiple copies of books in a wide array of levels and genres. In addition, I am a representative to the Language Arts Committee, the District RTI Committee, and just recently, the Continuous Improvement Priority School Team.

I graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington in 1981 with a BS degree in Special and Elementary Education. I moved to Evanston, Wyoming to accept a Resource Room position for Grades K-6 during the exciting days of the oil boom, when whole communities were built out west in a month! It was a melting pot of folks from all over the United States! In 1986, I moved back to Maine and began teaching in the K-3 Resource Room at Clinton Elementary. After five years, I transitioned to teaching Pre-First and began studying the work of Marie Clay on the early reading process. After my son was born, I moved to fifth grade for five more exciting years of teaching! I continued to be interested in reading theory and began a Master’s degree program in Literacy at Orono, which led me to become a Reading Recovery teacher, working with struggling readers in first grade. Upon completed my Master’s degree, I earned a Literacy Specialist endorsement in 2001. In 2005, I accepted the position of Literacy Coordinator and Literacy Coach.

It has been quite a journey! I appreciate working in a district committed to providing its teachers and students with high quality education.

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